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Since the emergence of COVID-19 the way we work has radically changed and we've had to learn:

  • To embrace technology and IT

  • To be flexible

  • The importance of self-care

  • To see this challenge as an opportunity for growth and development.

And how we need to adapt

When we will get the opportunity to return to the clinic we will need to adapt: 

  • Rethink our physical setup

  • Manage the number of people in the clinic  

  • Maintain online therapy for some sessions 

  • Maintain strict hygiene

How can we help you?

Our life every day is about making choices, yet sometimes those choices can overwhelm us and seem beyond our control. Believing we have made the wrong choice often seems confusing, leaving us with nowhere to turn and nobody we feel we can talk to


Dr. May and the team can help you change your life for the better, by empowering you to break the negative cycles and reinforce the positive ones.

Couples Therapy

Overcome relationship distress, gain a better understanding of each other and learn how to communicate productively. Individual and joint sessions structured to improve and enrich your relationship.

Individual Therapy

Free yourself from negative behavioural patterns through a course of 6–12 face-to-face sessions, built around highly effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness techniques.

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